The Pub of 600 Beers, or “Heaven”

Lorient, France was pretty dull despite its beaches and friendly Frenchies, probably due to the fact it was bombed to the ground in World War II. Everything was rebuilt quickly without much character. I barely saw anyone my age around town the whole two weeks I was there, mostly because the rich folk from around the country have claimed the town (specifically Larmor-Plage) as its summer vacation spot.

In fact, when I searched for information about the town, the only results I received were advising me to avoid the area entirely. Discouraging.

Fortunately, I had a terrific co-worker who took me under his wing and showed me the sights. Near the end of my trip, he mentioned a pub with 600 beers.

I thought I had misheard him. “What?”

“600 beers, from all over the world.” All casual and stuff, like a bar filled with delicious, global, bubbly, sweet-sweet ale was no big deal.

I was practically beside myself, having moped around my apartment for days reading trashy novels and berating myself for not being bilingual.

We drove for what seemed like an hour, past fields and along deserted roads in the middle of nowhere. I began questioning if he were going to lead me out into the woods to ravage my body. I unbuttoned my blouse. Alas, through pitch darkness, I spotted bright lights up ahead.

There, on the outskirts of town, was the Pub aux 600 Bieres, with flashing lights and a massive sign advertising its different types of drinks, comparing its brews to blondes, redheads, and brunettes. There wasn’t a single other car in the parking lot.

I felt like I was stepping foot into Narnia. Inside, the steps and tables were embedded with beer bottle caps in the shape of flowers. Huge viking mugs dangled from over the bar, and the walls were plastered with drink coasters from pubs around the world. I recognized Amsterdam’s Bull Dog as one.

I have never seen such boozey interior design, other than the wall of Bud Light cases from a party long ago. I pinched myself.

The white-haired owner sat behind the bar reading a magazine with his eyeglasses attached to a string around his neck. When we sat down at a booth, he promptly walked over and plopped two massive menus down in front of us, like a freaking catalogue of beers. Think about that for a second.

I then faced the hardest decision of my life: which beer to drink. OMG the options! I could not have been more confused than if I were asked to pick a mate from a line-up of male underwear models. The solution revealed itself to me in the form of a beer platter: six little glasses of different worldly beers.

They were delicious.

As part of my effort to launch a Global Pub Crawl, wherein I will take over the world with one pub at a time, I invite you all to share the most unusual/amazing/fun bars you’ve ever frequented. The world needs your input (or at least I do).

  • Camile

    That sounds absolutely amazing! There is a place here in Miami like that called Zeke’s. It’s on Lincoln Rd. They have beers from all over the world and they are all $3. So good!

  • linlah

    The Million Dollar Cowboy bar in Jackson, Wyoming, where saddles are the barstools and as always the sheep are scared.

  • Nomadic Chick

    You realize this place is Homer Simpson’s w*t dream? Okay, I laughed out loud at, “I began questioning if he were going to lead me out into the woods to ravage my body. I unbuttoned my blouse.” LOL! Nice.

  • Eric

    Simply AMAZING!
    One of my favorite bars is Roberts in Nashville.

  • Eric

    Sorry I also forgot to mention the home of the Mullet Tossing Competition – The FloraBama in Pensacola, FL

  • Bryan @

    I always love how places such as the 600 Beer Pub are always located in places that are so far off the beaten path. I don’t have a favorite bar myself, but put me in a bar after a long day of skiing/snowboarding and I’ll easily be in my happy place.

  • meg

    that place looks so fun! there is a bar like that down the street from me…and by like that, I mean they have beers from all around the world and give you a punch card so you can keep track of which ones you’ve tried. but i don’t think they have anywhere near 600. and it isn’t decorated nearly as cool. the most random bar I ever went to was in an old abadoned plane in the middle of a field in Olomouc. It still had all the old school 70s seats and what not, and they turned the “first class” area into a tiny dance floor. it was sketchy, but also pretty great.

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  • Sabina

    “I began questioning if he were going to lead me out into the woods to ravage my body. I unbuttoned my blouse.” I was screaming with laughter over this. One of your best lines ever!

  • nashe

    I’m not a beer drinker (vodka/cocktails forevaahh) so I can’t add to this! Gah.

  • Candice

    $3?! I’m in…you know I coulda bought a ticket to Miami two weeks ago for $150, damn.

  • Candice

    Hahahaha, I love cowboys. And sheep.

  • Candice

    Hehehe, Homer is one of my favs. Thanks!

  • Candice

    Oh man, you had me at “Honky Tonk Heaven”

  • Candice

    Yeah, I can be happy just about anywhere too, I think…and lord knows St. John’s has enough options!

  • Candice

    PUNCH card! Brilliant idea. And a plane pub? That is freaking awesome, shady or not.

  • Candice

    Lol, glad you enjoyed!!

  • Candice

    Cocktails are good too, add away!!

  • Adriana

    gotta love bar hoping for beer! here in Brazil we are very picky about our beer temperature, so if it´s not ice cold – on to the next! ;)

  • Sofia

    Haha love the picture of the pub from the outside, it looks just like I would have imagined.. Did you find a favourite? if so, from which country was it brewed?

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  • Candice

    Hahaha, it’s pretty unique, isn’t it?! I seriously can’t remember the names, I wasn’t much of a writer back then so I didn’t record things…but there was one INCREDIBLE beer that both me and my co-worker loved. Something light. Dammit! I’ll make it my life mission to find it.

  • Candice

    Ah, Brazil sounds like a place I’d enjoy! ;)

  • J

    A catalog of beers….the only thing that would add to that happiness is a catalog of no fat, no carb chocolate cakes as well.

  • Nancy

    Sweet! 600 beers-oh where to start? There’s a great place called Fresh in Dubrovnik, Croatia that serves individual *beer towers* that are 3 ft. high. During happy hour they’re like half price (around $10 if I remember correctly.) God I miss that place.

  • Candice

    If you find such a place, let me know.

  • Candice

    Beer towers?! Best kind of architecture ever.

  • neha

    And they say there are no good places left in the world!

  • Candice

    Yup, this one’s a keeper!

  • Doug

    Great picture you painted. I got a feeling I would be walking out a little sideways. Just came across this blog today. Def. going to bookmark!

  • Aly

    Just found your site through tbex! Great stuff! But man, they stole our idea for a bar! ;) I think we wanted a bar with beer from around the world but also with bar food from around the world, umm that would be sweet.

  • Candice

    Yay, thank you for visiting!! I was there on a weeknight, so I could only handle a certain amount of being tipsy, hehe. Wish I could go back.

  • Candice

    Thanks for dropping by! Love to see new faces. If you ever create that bar, I have to come visit.

  • Katie Oakes

    It would have to be the Moosevert in St. Anton, Austria! Its up on the mountain above the ski resort. So you finished your days skiing, settle in there for a few hours, dancing in your ski boots, and then ski home in the dark. amazing!

  • Candice

    Ahhh, that sounds lovely! Could I get there without having to ski? Hahaha.

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