New York City, Here I Come

First, let me apologize for my lack of content. You’re surely devastated, and perhaps are writing me hatemail right now. It’s ok, I understand.

I’m not complaining by any means, but I’m totally worked to death. While this blog is one of my great passions, paid work comes first. Always. Last night while writing an article for Examiner (I’m a St. John’s Nightlife Examiner, by the way), I passed out mid sentence at 12 a.m., at least an hour earlier than I usually get to sleep. Today I’m clear headed. Who knew sleep made such a difference?

Anyway, in the past few weeks I’ve been scrambling to get things together for New York City. My blurry weekend in Halifax aside, this is the first real vacation I’ve had since last summer. I realize I’m attending a travel bloggers conference and all, but I’ve decided to ditch the laptop and fully immerse myself in the city.

Immerse, indeed. Last weekend, by some miracle, the sun came out full force and I blew off all my chores to sunbathe with my Frommer’s NYC guide on the back deck. The result is a list of things I want to see and do that will require 5 years to complete.

NYC planning. HALP.

NYC planning. HALP.

In reality, TBEX will take up 90% of my time. Even Friday evening there’s a kick-off party, and before that, I’m sharing a meal/drinks galore with Steph, Cailin and Pam (and whoever else wants to join!). Saturday morning, I have to put my hangover on hold to attend the conference, doling out Newfoundland & Labrador materials and tossing my business cards around like confetti and crack. Immediately following is a TripAdvisor party, supper with the Matador editors (SO excited), and a BootsnAll party. And seeing as how it’s Saturday night, I sure as hell won’t be going home at 10.

Repeat on Sunday.

Never mind the people I really, really hope to spend time with (and the others I’m sure to meet along the way!). I have a little Word document on my computer with a list of people I want to shake hands with/grope/hug. There’s a lot. I’m also pretty aerie-faerie at times, so if you introduce yourself to me and I stare at you blankly, just punch me in the face. Or run up to me and hug me, I don’t believe in personal space.

Plus the sightseeing, my gawd! The Broadway show, Ground Zero, dive pubs, the Statue of Liberty, MoMA, Central Park, Times Square, Rockefeller Center.

I expressed my distress to my travelling companion, Kirsten, about not fitting everything in. She told me (in nicer terms), “Suck it up, princess. NYC will always be there.”

It’s true. I’m not going to map out daily itineraries. I feel like this trip is the culmination of many forces drawing me to the city. I’m not a big-city person, and I never cared about seeing NYC, but I awoke one morning after a dream which took place there, and I said, “I’m going.”

Then I won the Frommer’s travel guide. Then TBEX announced their NYC location, and I discovered I could get to the city for less than half the Airmiles it would take to get me to Alberta. For real.

So now the time is approaching and I’ve bought a sexy new suitcase and tote bag, the hotel is booked and I’m ready to go. So, so ready.

With expandable zipper and 10 year warranty for the amount of shopping I hope to do.

With expandable zipper and 10 year warranty for the amount of shopping I hope to do.

Who else wants to meet up for a few beers, exchange travel stories and hit on strangers in the grand city of NYC? Let I know.

I meant to tell you my other travel plans, but this is a little long-winded. Just know that they involve ferry rides to isolated towns without paved roads and trying to recapture my childhood by searching for Mash Gush Falls.

  • Candice

    It`s okay Mike, I will have more than your share of the beers. I promise I won`t Tweet too much about it! well, I don`t promise. But…I`ll make every effort to make it sound terrible.

    (I probably won`t do that either)

    Next year!

  • Candice

    I knew it, I could sense it! Damn.

    Can`t wait!

  • Candice

    Oh I totally know, I can`t wait to throw around words like `blog`and `tweet`and not have people look at me like I`m a few brain cells short. Can`t wait for our meet-up!

  • Candice

    We`ll keep ya in the loop! Tweet at us or DM. Or I can give you my phone number or something, not sure if that would cost us both a small fortune or not. Hah.

  • Candice

    Im an NYC virgin! pumped!

  • Candice

    Ooooh yeah!

  • Candice

    I`m there from Friday to Tuesday, we`re just missing each other. :( I`m sure you`ll have an amazing time though, TBEX tickets or not!

  • Candice

    Ahh, so sad to hear we won`t be meeting up! But someday, someday…

  • Claire

    Siiiiigh. Reading this post causes extreme amounts of jealousy….over your new luggage. Ha! Actually, I have turned into a slightly miserable wretch after reading this post because I really wanted to go! I think it will be fantastic. But I know you will put your spin on it that will make us feel like we were all there. So, however glum I am right now, I will still happily await your updates!

  • Christine Gavin

    JUST missed you by a couple of weeks. Though not sure I could handle the whole TBEX insanity anyway. I’m sure you’ll have a fabu-time!

  • Candice

    Hahaha, thanks Claire! Don’t be tooooo jealous, it’s probably the only travel I’ll get to do for another year or so. ;) But the luggage is pretty sweet, eh?

  • Candice

    Aww, our paths shall cross yet! Thanks Christine.

  • Adriana

    let us know what great, fun things you did from that huge list!

  • Candice

    Oh, I’m sure I will have many stories!