The Cocktails of Cancun

An all-inclusive vacation deal just screams indulgence. With my Royal Holiday group in Cancun last week, we often wrapped up our activities for the day with a cocktail or three. We never drank too much, we merely just enjoyed our drinks and relaxed while revelling in each other’s company (until the tequila incident during my last night there, but that’s a different story). I was up every morning at 7 a.m., after all.
Cancun drinks
At the Lobby Cassis bar of my resort, Monica and I decided I would become a professional drink photographer. Yes, I, Candice Walsh have found my market niche combining two of my greatest loves into a career choice: drinks, and travel. I will travel the world and sample every drink ever made! Brilliant!

It was an ill-devised plan, but I had fun trying to win a personal record of Most Drinks Sampled in Cancun Ever. I failed miserably, but here were some of my favourites (not limited to cocktails):

1. Xtabentún – A liqueur made solely in the Yucatan from anise seed and fermented honey. It sounds all sweet and docile, but I assure you this drink packs a punch. Like tequila, but maybe with more bruises.

2. Mojitos – My personal favourite, I like to annoy bartenders by pronouncing it English-style rather than “moe-hee-toe.” Rum, mint, sugar, club soda, and lime…this is a Cuban drink, but I first tried it in Mexico and will forever acquaint it with white beaches and pretty Mexican men. I like this one best because it’s not-too-sweet and not-too-sour.

3. Tequila – Ugh.

Julio Loco mango and chocolate

Behold the breathtaking Julio Loco.

4. The Julio Loco – A drink specifically developed at the Cancun Caribe Park Royal Grand resort, it’s a daunting (but pretty!) mixture of crushed ice, mango and chocolate. By the time we left Cancun, the drink had caught on and was spreading like wildfire.

5. Tequila Sunrise & Margaritas – Probably the best way to stomach tequila, the margarita adds lime juice (most basic) and the sunrise adds orange juice and grenadine.

6. Sangrita – Not to be confused with sangria, sangrita is used as a mixer for tequila and includes tomatoes, onions and hot chilli peppers. Yum.

7. Mescal – Made mostly in Oaxaca from the maguey plant, strong and sharp like tequila. This saying sums it up: “para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien también.” (For everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, too.)

8. Pina Colada – Also a pretty international rum drink, for those with a sweet tooth craving pineapples, coconut milk, cinnamon and hangovers. Cancun drinks

By the time Andy and I switched hotels, I needed a beer. We wandered over to the bar and requested a nice refreshing glass of Dos Equis. I am a beer lady, and man did I miss that cool tower of bubbly amber life juice. Barely a millimetre of head perched atop the brew, poured in the most perfect art form known to man, transcendent over centuries of civilization. Forget Corona, although it tastes better in Mexico (kinda like Guinness in Dublin). Dos Equis I do enjoy, but until this trip I never tried any other Mexican beers: Tecate, Bohemia, Modelo Especial, Victoria, Pacifo! They’re good. Trust me.

What’s your favourite?

  • Monica

    You know my drink, girl! Midouri Sour please!

  • Corbin

    Lord love a duck, I must admit my alcoholic bone is itchin’ for a sip. Gotta love mexico, it’s the only time it’s totally normal for guys to drink girly drinks. But I’m with ya, Beer FTW.

    My brother’s gettin married in mexico at the end of this month, so I shall be sure to try some of these suckers out. No promise on whether I’ll remember them though. Great post!

  • Alouise

    Professional drink photographer sounds like the best job in the world. You’re already doing a good job at making me want to try those drinks, especially the sangrita, that sounds delicious. Thanks for the beer suggestions. Apparently the resort I’m going to serves Corona, but hopefully I’ll be able try some of these other beers as well.

  • Trisha Miller

    Okay, I’m dying to know how YOU pronounced Mojitos, english-style.

    I’m a beer gal too, when in Mexico I like the Dos Equis Lager, but I do really enjoy Tequila (Mezcal, not so much). If you didn’t care for the tequila, next time try a different one – there are many and they all have a different taste. They now make a tequila cream liqueur that is sweet and reminiscent of Bailey’s or Kahlua – very nice over ice or mixed/blended with other stuff. :-)

  • Trisha Miller

    Alouise – in Mexico, when they refer to “domestic” beers, they mean domestic to Mexico, so you’ll generally always find a good selection of Mexican beers, and sometimes an “imported” beer like Budweiser. :-)

  • PorkStar

    Awesome time you be having overthere and my personal fave is a mojito.

  • neha

    Like tequila, but maybe with more bruises. Brilliant!

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  • Kate


  • linlah

    Beer with a side of beer and a shot of beer. I’ll try any beer at least once but I’m partial to Deschutes Brewary brews.

  • Hevs

    lets have a party and make all these drinks…oui ? oh and hands down my favorite drink to beat the heat is mojitos. nothing better on a hot summers day :) ( or beach somewhere, but I have not had that experience yet :P)

  • Christine

    Sangrita sounds super interesting…I’m intrigued!

  • Cailin

    Mojitos for the win!

  • Blunt Delivery

    so… honeymoon resort ideas?????????????????????????????

  • Arina

    Mmm… I’ve never heard of the Sangrita but it soundsss SPICY.


    But I prefer mojitos overall.. I could drink those suckers down until my stomach pulls a sour face.

  • Becca

    Love your blog. This post was a total Friday workday tease! I pour hot sauce on everything, so my vote is for the sangrita.

  • FabulousTerrah

    The Devil Inside is a Cancun favorite. Good luck. ;-)

  • Matt

    If you need an employee for your new drink photography business, I’m well keen. I have plenty of history drinking.

  • Chris – The Aussie Nomad

    Come now Candice a real beers needs more head than that.

  • Andy Hayes

    I have to agree, was so surprised at how good that Dos Equis on draft was – damn delicious! And that was after several days of bottom less margaritas (I do believe my average was 14 per day), so it is a wonder I had any taste buds left!

  • maggie

    tequila sunrise is pretty much my favourite drink of life.
    though while i was in mexico i mostly just had margaritas. and a scattered mojito. and usually some random fun sounding thing at least once a day to keep things interesting…. ;D

    but, yeah, at the end of the day, tequila sunrise and i are in love.

  • Elise

    Mojitos and Sangria. What can get better than that!?!?!

  • Candice

    Mmm, Midouri Sour!

  • Candice

    Please refer to this list when you go! You will not be disappointed.

  • Candice

    Hahaha Alouise, maybe I’m on to something!

  • Candice

    I annoyed the hell out of everyone by pronouncing them “moe-jie-toes,” bahaha. Aren’t I the clever one?

    I agree, I’ve only had a few different brands of tequila…perhaps I will have a tequila sampling night. Perhaps I will die.

  • Candice

    Hooray for moe-jie-toes!

  • Candice

    So true!

  • Candice

    Ugh, I love beer so much.

  • Candice

    We should totally make mojitos one night!!

  • Candice

    It’s like a salad in your mouth! And you know we don’t make friends with salad…

  • Candice


  • Candice

    Shiiite yeah, email me!

  • Candice

    So true! They’re quite effective in the drunk department, it seems.

  • Candice

    Lol, just like my roommate! You’d love Mexico! Thanks for the comment.

  • Candice

    Okay, don’t know that one…daaamn.

  • Candice

    I will certainly keep you in mind!

  • Candice

    I prefer no head.



  • Candice

    For real, I had that margarita the first night there and vowed not to go back! You are a brave man, Mr. Hayes.

  • Candice

    Just another tequila sunrise….wait, those aren’t the lyrics.

  • Candice

    A side of guac included! Mmm.

  • Michelle Schusterman

    I’m not much of a cocktail person either – but if you like mojitoes, you should try a caipirinha. Same concept, but it’s Brazilian cachaca instead of rum, on top of cane sugar, crushed limes, ice and a little soda water. If made well it’s AWESOME.

  • Harrison

    Gotta love the mojito! I’ll have to try some Sangrita and Mescal. Actually never heard of those before reading this.