• http://www.cestchristine.com Christine

    Ha! What a brilliant way to sell some socks. And beautiful photo!

  • http://www.mybeautifuladventures.com Andi of My Beautiful Adventures

    I need a pic of the socks you bought! What a charming story.

  • http://refrigeratormagnate.wordpress.com/ SpilledInkGuy

    Sadly all my clothespins are being used to hold bags of chips closed.
    Well, probably not for long…
    could be time for a snack.

  • http://www.candicedoestheworld.com Candice

    They’re so pretty! Are your feet small enough for them? Hahaha

  • http://www.candicedoestheworld.com Candice

    Thanks Christine!

  • Susan

    Hey, I’m a 5.5 shoe size and I LOVE homemade socks! Seriously, this photo id gorgeous.

  • http://trustmaggie.wordpress.com/ maggie

    I could’ve sworn to goodness I had commented on this…. ah well. try again.
    I love clothes lines. I wish I had one. When I was working in PEI, I never used the dryer unless it rained 2 days in a row and I was out of clean underwear.
    If I owned this house, you better believe I’d have a clothes line in my backyard. Nothing beats the smell of clean clothes dried on the line…

  • http://www.candicedoestheworld.com Candice

    Agreed. Love that about home.